February 23, 2009

I never seem to have as much time as I would like to read. I love looking at paintings… in the flesh is of course best, but even reproductions in books are pretty good to soak in. And “soak in” is the right expression. I cannot describe the way looking at paintings ministers to my soul. It’s like a balm.

I am currently reading and looking at “Picasso” by Roland Penrose. It’s the best kind of art book…BIG pictures, and informative but not woffly text. Here is one of my favourite extracts;

“The work of Picasso is more than a mirror of our times; it opens our eyes to the future. Its vitality and its insight, its tenderness and its violence, are born of an understanding and a love for humanity. His art goes far beyond a facile enchantment of the eye. It fulfils a more essential purpose – the intensification of feeling and the education of the spirit. Picasso looks at the world with new vision, and by his art he enables us to do likewise.”

Well now. I can go with that.
“the intensification of feeling and the education of the spirit”.
I’ll have some of that, thank you.

The list of work which has spoken to me is too long, but I have it at hand, to inspire me along the way.

My own work is relentless. I’m going to give myself a couple of days break soon. On Sunday, with my friend Mary, we presented our visual meditation on Christ being “the door” at St Paul’s Church in Hook, Surrey. It went down very well, and I was pleasantly surprised that people did engage well with it… I was not sure, as this kind of thing is quite new to the church.



Jenny Meehan is a painter, poet, and Christian contemplative  based in East Surrey/South West London.   Her interest in Christ-centred spirituality and creativity are the main focus of this artist’s journal, which rambles and meanders on, maybe acting as a personal (yet open to view)  note book as much as anything else.  If you read and enjoy it, this would be an added bonus! 

Her website is www.jamartlondon.com.  (www.jamartlondon.com replaces the older now deceased website http://www.jennymeehan.co.uk)

Jenny Meehan BA Hons (Lit.) PGCE also occasionally offers art tuition for individuals or in shared sessions.  Please contact Jenny at j.meehan@tesco.net or through the contact form at www.jamartlondon.com for further details as availability depends on other commitments.    

 Jenny Meehan works mainly with either oils or acrylics  creating both abstract/non-objective paintings  and also semi-abstract work.  She also produces representational/figurative artwork,  mostly using digital photography/image manipulation software, painting and  drawing.  Both original fine paintings and other artwork forms  and affordable photo-mechanically produced prints are available to purchase.

 It is also quick and easy to license an image for use through DACS.  Please note: Permission must be sought in advance if you wish to use images by Jenny Meehan. In the first instance, please contact Jenny Meehan. Copyright for all works of art by Jenny Meehan is managed by the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) in the UK. 

Jenny Meehan exhibits around the United Kingdom.   To be placed on Jenny Meehan’s  bi-annual  mailing list please contact Jenny via her website contact page:  www.jamartlondon.com

Also, you could follow the Jenny Meehan Contemporary Artist’s Journal at WordPress and keep informed that way. 


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