From Leonardo to Rembrant, Drawings from the Royal Library of Turin edited by Gianni Carlo Sciolla

May 13, 2009

One of my favourite drawings at the moment

One of my favourite drawings at the moment

What a great name, Gianni Carlo Sciolla. What a great book also. I came across it at West Dean and it’s blowing my mind.  Look at this wonderful example.  I have got a long way to go!  What masterly examples lie before me…who says the past is past?  Work like this outlives the hands and eyes that create it.

Very busy at the moment, working on some images to prepare for printing ready to exhibit and also experimenting with different drawing/sketching media. I am torn… I want to draw and paint, only draw and paint, but I have to just accept that there are different times for different things.

This term at my life drawing class I am going to experiment with different media and the image here is one of my efforts. I’m enjoying experimenting with different kinds of mark making and also love the earthy colour, here, due to the oil bar. I’ve ordered lots of brown Kraft paper, as I like that to work on, and I am going to use soft pastels too, to smudge in colours…they bring such an emotional response themselves. Soft, I want to use them softly, to bring in some contrasts with the marks. I’m not looking for highly finished looking art, I like a certain looseness, it’s a bit like the difference between a typeface and someones handwriting…there needs to be flexibility within the work…deviations from regularity make it more interesting. Having said all that, I also make myself take a more disciplined approach too…the main thing is to look and see, and not get too hung up about what’s happening on the paper.

I am just beginning

I am just beginning


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