Jenny Meehan Christian Contemporary Fine Artist Solo Exhibition “Articulation – 2009” at Leatherhead Theatre, Leatherhead, Surrey. Preparing for the Exhibition! (Jenny Meehan rambles in her blog as it’s a good opportunity to have a break from all the presentation work!)

June 25, 2009

Is that REALLY the date!  I had to look twice.  Things are well underway with the preparations for my solo exhibition “Articulation 2009 – Jenny Meehan” at Leatherhead Theatre, Surrey, UK  (4th to 27th August 2009.  10am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday. Free Entry).  How important it is to get the details right, and this is not a natural inclination for me.  Seem to be doing OK at the moment.  They is a huge amount to do, but I wanted the experience so much.  You can only really learn about things thoough experience.  I am enjoying it.  I quite like the promotions side of things. I have always been someone who is keen to promote things which I believe are worth promoting. 

Just got the flyer graphics off ready for printing today. I still need to get my fabrics printed.  It’s amazing how many different substrates can be printed on. I find it very exciting and inspiring.  In particular, I have been feeling over the moon about my “London Plane Fabric”.  It looks amazing on screen and I cannot wait to see it printed onto fabric. 

I am always torn between the wonders of printing, (the many processes, the endless possibilities) and the magic of painting, (the quiet meditation, the endless flux, the loss of self which happens when painting) I find both attractive.  I guess they have different powers.  There is a power in multiple reproductions of images.  There is another power in the intimacy of a one to one encounter with a painting. It is deeper I think. There is an emotive power which, if one lets it, can reach further.  There’s just more there. It is the texture, the layers of paint, the brush strokes, the pressure, the speed of application, the changes in direction…they all seem much clearer to me.

Not having much chance to paint at the moment.  All this presentation must be done, but it’s taking all my time. I am however looking forward to a painting course from 7th August onwards for a week.  That will be bliss.  That is my reward for all this presentation work I am doing now. 

Well, I’m writing this in way of a break from my exhibition preparation, but I do need to get back to it now.  I DO enjoy writing. I am very pleased that some of my poetry will be on display as part of the “Articulation 2009 – Jenny Meehan” Exhibition. If you are reading this and are in my neck of the woods…(Surrey, UK) and would like to pop by to see my work at the Leatherhead Theatre, please do.  You are most welcome.  I also have a mailing list (only two per year, and Bcc) so if you would like to receive more information on the exhibition, do request to be placed on it, and I can send you more information nearer the time.

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