Looking for somewhere free to go in Leatherhead, Surrey, United Kingdom over August?

June 29, 2009

Looking for somewhere free to go in Leatherhead, Surrey over August?
The title relates to my new exhibition of painting, photographic art, poetry, drawing (and even some fabric) which will be on display at Leatherhead Theatre from 4th to 27th August. Monday to Saturday, 10am to 10pm. Gosh, that’s late.

Yes, time is ticking by. I am a very organised person, and it’s coming in handy at the moment. It seems odd publicising the exhibition when it is, well, shall we say, still in progress? I have no worries that I won’t be able to get it together in time, but it feels like I am exercising my faith a bit. That’s quite good. Not bad. How boring life would be without faith. It’s exciting.

The only pain is the publicity stuff. I quite enjoy it in some ways, but it does take time. I have always been someone who enjoys promoting things which I feel are worthwhile. I have not spent so much time promoting ME and what I do before, so that feels rather odd too. It really is a job in itself though. Having had a slight moan here, I wanted the experience of pulling together an exhibition very much. With my degree being in Literature I did not do the usual thing of having an end of degree show. So it is kind of fufilling that role for me.

So, are you looking for somewhere free to go in Leatherhead in Surrey over August? Well, maybe not, but regardless of that, there must be some people out that that are. My exhibition is fine for children too… that’s very important to me. And it doesn’t cost anything. That helps a lot of people too. It’s accessible. Yes, I like those long days in Summer. So do pop in! I hope you do!

More details see http://www.jennymeehan.co.uk


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