Solo Exhibition Fini! Jenny Meehan the artist reflects

September 2, 2009

David Hockney's painting "A Bigger Splash"
Well, my first solo exhibition is FINI! I am glad I did it, glad I organised it myself, glad of the experience. It was enjoyed by many people, and I know of several I have spoken to who were so inspired by it that it brought them to a place where they then created something themselves, which is wonderful. And most rewarding.

I was very pleased with the hanging, and I learnt a lot about my work through the process of selecting and hanging it. It looked good. You can see a video of the photographic work (but not the paintings and drawings) on You Tube. Taking it down was much quicker than putting it up!

I went away for a week for part of August, on a course, but I am afraid I have been spoilt by my West Dean experiences, and I did not enjoy it as much as past courses. I am back now, and though I enjoyed the opportunity to paint in a focused and continuous manner, it did not prove to be the challenge I had hoped for. I like meeting people, and I loved the swimming pool, but somehow I don’t think where I went was the place for me. I felt like a freak, both with respect to my painting and my personality. I don’t like it, but I’ll get over it.

I feel a lack of academic discipline, and of working with people who will challenge me. I want to push my work forward, and I feel isolated in my task. Maybe I should do a degree or something, but I feel I need to invest all my available time into my painting, and I have to allocate time, and money, carefully.

Win some, loose some. At least I know what I don’t want, even more than I did before,now. That’s pretty much the only positive I can come up with.

Confessional over.

Due now to start some sewing for the next exhibition, yes, sewing! Edges of hangings. Mulling over my paintings which speak words of encouragement complete in their imperfections, still showing positive signs of life. A couple of open competitions coming up I might well enter. A kind of necessary task for someone in my position.

I did enjoy the experience of painting outside with oils…

So there’s a spring board for the September burst. I will be out on the streets of Chessington, Hook, and Tolworth again, with sketchbook and paints this time. I also start some ceramics at the local adult education centre. I think it’s quite important to experiment with different materials, and this might seem like a diversion, but I don’t think it is. Things feed into eachother, and if one wants to come up with something unique, then narrow is not the way, at least, not at the early stages. Maybe later.

Image, “A Bigger Splash” by David Hockney Acrylic 1967

I am enjoying reading about his work, and I am attracted by the the flat colour in this piece. Investigating the relationship/perceptions of colour is fascinating. While my photography has a lot of flat colour… this kind of happened over time… I only occasionally try this out in my painting, and along with using pattern, these are a couple of elements I want to experiment with.


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