Production/Contemplation – and a new painting about the passage of time

September 4, 2009

Recent painting by Jenny Meehan of the mud flats at Langstone Harbour 2009

Recent painting by Jenny Meehan of the mud flats at Langstone Harbour 2009

Suffering, as always, from a certain “come down” after a period of painting, is not such a bad thing. It is hard to stop, and hard to let go, but activity all the time would not be right for anyone. Now is a time for breathing space, a bit like the gaps between colours on a painting, these give opportunity for the colours to resound, as Ivon Hitchens would put in a similar way I think. From memory, of my reading a few weeks back, I think I read something of that sort, and how much I feel it to be true. This relationship between vibrant movements and colour, and quiet contemplation, is one which has me in its thrall.

I have a lot of recent work, very diverse in superficial style (I say this with intent, because, I think the outward differences immaterial to the constancy of what I am doing with paint)but I need to reflect on it more. It’s not ready for presentation. It’s like a child reaching for different things, and only just beginning to get the feeling and taste of them. So, I think I will be looking backwards to gather what I show for my next exhibition, which is of course a valuable exercise in itself. Indeed, I think it a most neglected activity, and key in the attempts to move forward in pretty much anything one does. History, in all its levels and dimensions, wether small and personal, or on a larger scale, has more to teach us then the fast approaching future (a little more fast than I would like, as I get older). And, delightfully enough, this “old” work seems as fresh as the day it was created. That’s good.

I will present some of my new printed work on fabric… what a wonderful discovery this has been, and how exciting to have so much colour on such a large scale! It helps me cope with my frustrations (with regard to the restricted scale I am able to work to) with my painting. Large areas of flat colour, and pattern! Delightful!

Colour Full House! I think I might make that the title for the CornerHOUSE exhibition. It’s a celebration of the visual arts in that place! A much needed place, because, let’s face it, in Kingston, how many FREE places ARE there for artists to exhibit? The borough of Kingston is full of wonderful art and wonderful artists, and WHY should they have to PAY to share what they do?

Image is one of my recent paintings. It was painted outside at Langstone. It was windy and wet! The canvas blew over a couple of times. The blue sky was only there for about five minutes, but I got it in there, right at the beginning. It was a feeling of the passage of time which took me away with this one, and the immediate experience of painting outside, as the tide came in and the waters flowed, as the sky altered its expressions, and the light lessened, was just perfect. It’s one of my bigger pieces, which was also very liberating. It felt like a dance at times.


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