Still Image Video of Photographic Images shown at “Articulation 2009 – Jenny Meehan” Solo Exhibition

September 14, 2009

I have been looking through my poetry, and it has improved over the last couple of years, for I have put a fair amount of time into it. However, the priority for me at the moment is to paint and I have decided to leave working on my poetry for a while. Occasionally the odd one pops up, and I will grab it with both hands, and do a little work on it, but I have to focus on my painting, and this means making more time for it.

I have just made another video today, this time of the photographic art displayed at my recent “Articulation 2009 – Jenny Meehan” solo exhibition at Leatherhead Theatre. It includes some of the fabric designs too, but I have not included the drawings and paintings in this video. I also have left it without music, which I prefer myself, as I like art to be viewed in silence, and it’s mood is, just as it is, unchanged and unaffected by music. Art is its own music anyway. Why add more to it? It just confuses the viewer.
Here is the video…

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