Ahh, busy busy time… the run up to Christmas. This morning at 2am an alarm clock went off. I knew NOT whose, or where, but I knew when, when I looked at MY alarm clock, which was NOT making any noise at all. How surreal life is! And how TIRED I am now, as the wretched alarm went on and on.

I tried to ignore it for a while. A short while, as my patience is not good at that time of the morning. And so, then the search for the source of the sound began. Then the moving of the contents of a large portion of the room commenced.

What horror!

But I did locate the source… another alarm clock, long abandoned, that for some strange and very mysterious reason had started to beep. It was odd, because the battery was jammed in at an angle, and the clock has been silent for years. Nothing had hit it to make it go off. I could tell that from where it was positioned. WHY CHOOSE 2AM YOU WRETCHED CLOCK?

The GOOD thing about this was that in the process of my search for the sound, I found some acrylic paints in a box that I had been fretting about for months…wondering where they were and wanting to use them.

Now I have plenty of colour to use, but not enough time. I have an alarm clock I once cursed, and now I am grateful for it. Life is strange.

I recently enjoyed a great trip to Wimbledon Art Studios which I always love. My favourite 2D work is that of (in no particular order, as they say on the X factor!) Thomas Doran, Paul Lemmon, Paul G Emmerson, Shaun Carey, Michael Allen, and Annie Rouse. In each of these artist’s work I see something I love… something special and unique in their work which is uniquely theirs and which is always exciting to come across. Something I hope I can learn from and be inspired by.

I am afraid I am only rambling along on this blog to avoid the inevitable task of continuing the preparation for my exhibition in January. It is the ironing of the wall hangings I am trying to avoid. I don’t like ironing. It was invented for people with servants. And what cruel and heartless person invented the iron? Why did they do such a terrible thing!

Must get on with it! Image is “Totem” from the latest exhibition. It’s a dye-sublimation print on poly-cotton fabric. Machine washable too! Still waiting to be ironed! Actually, where is that image? I will have to pop it in later.

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