I haven’t been here for ages…Jenny Meehan

March 23, 2010

The end of last year is a long time ago.

What has happened to my words? It seems that life is rolling along so quickly and I am fighting for every minute I can at the moment. So I have had to halt my trivial chatter for a bit, and just get on with things. I pop back today for a pleasant little wasting of time. And it is pleasant.

Spring is coming, and with it comes the feeling that I should be taking part in that strange ritual of “Spring Cleaning”. As I look through the smears on the windows, and then beyond through the window panes (which I see too clearly) I can make out the remnants of a hasty retreat into the home at the end of last year; broken pots, broken toys, plastic bags, wrappers, boxes, plastic containers etc. etc.

As per usual, my spring cleaning takes place in the garden, as it’s far more pleasurable to clear away mess when you can see new green shooting life springing up around you…it makes it worthwhile. You clear the way for the new, as you throw away the old.

Hoping for some peaceful months of concentrating on painting and also on reviewing past work and ideas as well as experimenting in my sketchbook. I am loving my work with clay, and I’m sad it will have to come to an end at some point this year, but I know I will continue with it in a year or two, as I do enjoy it. I would like to combine some forged ironwork with my ceramics at some point.

Image “Apple Orchard” Jenny Meehan 2009 Painted last Summer.


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