Slightly Concerned About My Drawing…

June 10, 2010

I have recently been comforted to read about Matisse, and the fact that he had many artistic crises …So this must be quite normal, these bouts of self-doubt in the midst of certainty.  And what I am doing with my painting and drawing at the present time is surprisingly challenging, and bound to result in much thinking.  And some cause for analysis!  (Or maybe not).

Having spent  much time over 2008 and 2009 with drawing from the model, which was a disciplined, but very important experience for me, now it seems that I have let my imagination have free play.  This is both wonderful and alarming.  Presumably the two experiences will get together at some point?  

I have not even started to use some of the ideas I picked up when life drawing.  This is always the problem for me, there is just too much to learn, too much to develop, too much to get excited about and too much to explore.  I take many little lessons from my neighbour’s tortoise.  She wanders into the garden,  which is so green, verdant and rich with delight, but she moves around slowly and carefully.  S L O W L Y.            C A R E FULLY.   She does not rush.  The fastest part of her movement is the speed at which her head shoots back under her shell when she doesn’t know what’s happening.  And maybe in there she has thoughts which give birth to wild drawings which can flourish under the safety of her hard exterior!

Someone told me a while back to use my imagination…To draw from the imagination.   And so I am following that advice.   It was good advice, and if I get scared because I don’t quite know what is happening, then it’s necessary.  It doesn’t mean I cannot employ different strategies, interesting techniques, alternative approaches in the future.  The ways I put things down is not the issue.  I don’t have to rush ahead.   Drawing like this  doesn’t mean that suddenly I will loose what I have done before.

This drawing was made with charcoal, which I like because it is almost fluid, like paint, but has a nice rough feel to it.  It works well with speed, and having said I need to slow down, I have to confess that often I work rapidly.  I guess it is not so much the speed of a single work which I  refer to, rather a speed of thought, which must sit and accumulate for periods of time, before it is expressed.  

Stepping out with imaginative drawing at the present time


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