Purchase Poster Prints of Imagery by Fine Artist Jenny Meehan

June 15, 2010

While pushing ahead with paintings, there is always plenty of tidying up to be done, and that means not only housework type chores but computer based ones….making images of paintings in progress (which I find a helpful practice) and also preparing past photographic work for display.  Part of this involves trying to get work out there, so that other people can enjoy it if they like it…Hence the title “Purchase Poster Prints of Imagery by Fine Artist Jenny Meehan” !

I spent a lot of time from around 2006 to 2009 on my photographic work, and still fall for the odd photographic image from time to time.  I don’t want to spend lots of time producing it as some do as  “limited edition” prints though…When I do produce it for specific people or events I number and sign the work, but I don’t limit it in an artificial way.  I don’t see the point…it’s not limited…there is no plate to wear out, there is no natural process of disintergration of the image.  Isn’t that whole idea just a marketing strategy?   Maybe if you are very famous for your photography and it actually means something it might serve some purpose, but for most of us, living in a world which suffers from an excess of images, the idea of limiting does not sit so well with me.  

So, if you want to take a look of some of my photographic work which has been selected for sale through my “Jenny Meehan Imagery” gallery at Photobox, follow the link.   I don’t sell all of my photographic work this way…but it’s a handy way to share my work, and I am impressed with the quality of prints and service that I personally have received from Photobox.  The prints, which are digital C-prints on archival quality photographic paper, are sent to you rolled.  They are not signed or checked personally by me, but as said, it’s a good company.    See also the “Photography” section on my website for more information on editions and print types if you would like to know more. 

Jenny Meehan Photographic Imagery

This is one of the images which is available to purchase through my “Jenny Meehan Imagery” gallery at Photobox.  If you require work produced in a different form, ie, a different substrate or size, this is often possible with much of my photographic work.



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