Jenny Meehan Featured Artist on Surrey Artists Network This Month

August 31, 2010

Many thanks to the Admin at Surrey Artists Network, it is lovely to be a “Featured Artist” on such an excellent website.  Since it started just over a year ago, the Surrey Artists Network has grown to become quite a crowd…artists based in and around Surrey are suddenly able to stick their noses into other artists activities,  view others work through the excellent “Photos”  facility, and generally have a lot of fun, and waste a bit of time if they feel like it, chin wagging over the net.  Take a look!

Here in Chessington I am feeling a very strong reflective mood coming on…I’ve just prepared some hardboard with different mixtures for grounds, and I am looking forward to trying out some different surfaces to work on.  I often find that preparing ground is a good activity when I am feeling a bout of spiritual contemplation coming on.  I have come across a very interesting book “Open To God” by Brother Bernard “An Anglican Franciscan and Guardian of Hilfield Friary, Dorchester”.  I do not know if he is alive right now, because the book isn’t new,( my husband found it at a charity shop), but it looks very interesting.  I also have a couple of “Art In Theory” Anthologies which I like to dip into when my brain needs something to chew over.  Most of all, right now, I feel the need for a bit of a retreat, because I have pushed ahead with my painting with great effort over the Summer, and now I have a lot of feelings and thoughts to mull over.


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