“Muybridge Revolutions” Exhibition at Kingston Museum, Kingston Upon Thames. Amazing Glass Zoopraxiscope Discs, Many Of Which Have Never Been On Public Display Before!

October 14, 2010

I went along to the opening for the “Muybridge Revolutions” Exhibition at Kingston Museum ages several weeks ago and it has taken me this long to get around to writing about it.  See  www.muybridgeinkingston.com  for more information on this fantastic exhibition.

The opening was a little delayed, so I spent some time looking around the “Town of Kings” display at the museum. It tells the story of the borough from Saxon times.   I like the stained glass window which celebrates the May Day Morris Dancers very much, and also discovered that Chessington IS a place of historical interest, because of the “Chessington Hoard”; some tiny coins were found in Chessington, I know not where, and cannot remember when, but they are gold and special! Now, fancy that! I have spent many years scouring the ground for treasure, and all I come up with is broken glass.  Maybe I should have dug a bit deeper!

The exhibiton at Kingston Museum….back to that!  The glass Zoopraxiscope discs looked fantastic, backlit against their black backgrounds, but for me the most enjoyable part was watching the reconstructed animations which showed the images on some of the discs in movement.  I will be going back again to enjoy the experience again.

I also attended the lecture by Stephen Herbert which examined the links between Muybridge’s work and the history of the moving and projected image. It was titled “Eadwead Muybridge, The Father of the Motion Picture?”. Very informative.


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