Working away on the mural design for a local school playground.  I’ve chosen the colours…broadly…and now comes the fine tuning. This happens naturally as I work out the measurements for mixing up larger quantities of paint.  (It’s a bit different from mixing paints on a small scale!)  I’m mixing small amounts in jars and recording the different proportions of different colours needed to get the tone/hue I am aiming for.  In the process is the opportunity to experiment with more subtle variations of colour, and this is quite an enjoyable activity.  Even slight modulations make a huge difference to the over-all effect. I cannot afford use my normal method of obtaining colours by trial and error (plus a dollop of experience!)as this would waste too much paint.  I am using silicate mineral paint (Beeck) which isn’t cheap, and also I don’t want to waste paint full stop. The whole project is meant to be as ecologically friendly as possible!

I’ll soon have some images and I will keep updates on progress coming.


Expression of Liberty in Paint

Back from Spring Harvest Minehead…Hooray for “Create Zone” which made me feel very at home, spending time with paints and thoughts and people and singing and experimenting and drama and all that stuff which makes me gooooooooooo!!!!!
Will post my paintings up soon when organised. I cannot imagine Spring Harvest without Create Zone, and thankfully I don’t have to.  There’s a Facebook group for Create Zone too, so I will be enjoying the creativity for some time to come.

I’ve done a bit of reorganising…Always a good thing to do in the Spring.  Now I will be posting more of my Christian related thoughts on my WordPress Blog. While my life doesn’t have compartments, the reality is that different people with different interests need to be able to find what they are looking for easily, and by focusing different aspects of my creative activities in different places, life gets easier. I think I will use the WordPress Blog for the Christian/Spiritual/Meditational/Philosophical and keep the Journal on my website serving more as a front page headlines type blog.

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