Mural Project For A School Playground – Jenny Meehan

April 28, 2011

Working away on the mural design for a local school playground.  I’ve chosen the colours…broadly…and now comes the fine tuning. This happens naturally as I work out the measurements for mixing up larger quantities of paint.  (It’s a bit different from mixing paints on a small scale!)  I’m mixing small amounts in jars and recording the different proportions of different colours needed to get the tone/hue I am aiming for.  In the process is the opportunity to experiment with more subtle variations of colour, and this is quite an enjoyable activity.  Even slight modulations make a huge difference to the over-all effect. I cannot afford use my normal method of obtaining colours by trial and error (plus a dollop of experience!)as this would waste too much paint.  I am using silicate mineral paint (Beeck) which isn’t cheap, and also I don’t want to waste paint full stop. The whole project is meant to be as ecologically friendly as possible!

I’ll soon have some images and I will keep updates on progress coming.


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