Environmental Suppliers/Natural Building Materials Suppliers with Good Customer Service

May 17, 2011

Greenshop.co.uk have also been really helpful to me with this project, providing prompt, helpful information about products through their website and email, plus their sister company AURO, and demonstrating professionalism through and through, providing  plentiful comprehensive information about the natural paints in their range; and what a range it is!  The AURO product range is a great asset to any interior muralist, and I was almost wishing that this current mural was an interior one, so that I could try out some of these natural paints for myself.  

There are a few other companies I plan to mention, but now I am working on site  (rather a lot of footballs around, but no one has managed to hit me with one yet!) I might be busy for a while.   Once I have got some photographic images sorted out, I’ll be back blogging with more news on how the project is going.  I can only spend around four hours a week on site, due to other commitments and activities, but I made good progress this morning with the preparation of the wall.  Marked out outline, put up protective skirt along the bottom, filled deep cracks and wire brushed the wall.  Scraped off paint from the occasional brick which had some old paint on it.  Applied the fixative.  Didn’t want to stop. Children interested… “Are you a scientist?” “What’s a mural?” “Is that water?”  Unfortunately I was so tight on time today I didn’t have enough time to chat as I would have liked, but I have promised them that next time I come into school I will be able to tell them more about the project.

Some children have been involved in cartooning workshops with John T Freeman.  I spoke to one boy today whose face practically glowed when he told me about it.  That’s why artists work in schools.


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