Exterior Mural Using Mineral Paint for Trafalgar Junior School

May 18, 2011

Images from the cartooning workshops coming soon, for now an image which reminds me again that I need to loose some weight!

The wall is a party wall.  The use of the porus non film forming mineral paint was a big factor in permission being granted to paint the mural on the wall, as assurances that it would cause no damage or future problems to the property were required.  The original wall (1905)  was not as tall as the new one you see here, and many of the  old bricks were incorporated into the new wall which meant  there were quite a few areas of  old paint which needed to be scraped away. I filled a few deep crevices and holes.  Then I coated the whole wall with fixative, saturating it thoroughly and working it well into the wall.  I’d put up a skirt along the bottom of the mural, made of gaffar tape and bubble wrap  and when  the whole area was coated with fixative I put up more bubble wrap protection, as the clouds looked grey and there’s quite a gap between now and when I can return for the next part of the process.  Scanning the wall for deep crevices  and indentations was a bit like proof reading an essay…You think you have covered it all and then the more you look the more you find.  Much of the surface will be evened out with the bridging primer,  but some parts needed something more.


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