Cranleigh Arts Centre, Cranleigh, Surrey Open Exhibition 2011 “Renewal and Regeneration” 22nd June – 28th July, Digital C-Print “Stem” Selected for Show.

June 20, 2011

Well, I haven’t had an email telling me that “Stem (Sign of Life)” has not been accepted for show at the Cranleigh Arts Centre Open Exhibition 2011, so I am assuming, as instructed to assume, that it is one of the works which will be on show this year.  I am very pleased about this because I didn’t get my painting “Burst Forth/The Promised Land” into the Pallant House Open Art Competition.

I haven’t entered anything into the Cranleigh Arts Centre Open Exhibition before, so it was interesting to have a little look around.  What a lovely building…I do like it when church buildings become art centres!!!!!

This year the competition recieved a record amount of submissions from artists, which is very good news for them, and I  can’t wait to go along and see all the work on show.  I entered “Stem (Sign of Life)” which is a Digital C-Print on Foamex, laminated, and for the exhibition, framed.   I was going to enter both pieces, because Stem is one of two really, but I am a bit short of cash and I felt that if I put both in, as they are quite big, they might not be displayed or both picked anyway.

“Wilt (Sign of Death)” belongs with Stem, but at least I can show it here to you.  The images come originally from a photograph of some paint, so I am rather fond of this pair.  Photographs of paint have always been a bit of a thing for me it seems.  I like the fluidity expressed, but frozen by the camera, and the reduction of the image down to the pure colour,  like a reduction of paint to its most potent aspect, the pigment.  It took some time to arrive at the two images, but I am pleased with the way they relate to eachother.  I also created “Totem” which is a dye-sublimation print from this body of work which started in a very simple way, with some cheap poster paint.

One of a pair, but just this one entered into the Cranleigh Arts Centre Open Exhbition 2011

"Stem (Sign of Life)" Digital C Print on Foamex, laminated, framed by Jenny Meehan


This work accompanies "Stem (Sign of Life)" Jenny Meehan

"Wilt (Sign of Death)" Jenny Meehan Digital C-Print on Foamex






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