“Where Earth And Sky Meet” Acrylic Paint On Canvas – Abstract Expressionistic Type Painting Of Interior Landscape By Surrey Based Fine Artist Jenny Meehan, United Kingdom.

October 4, 2011

No trouble with knowing the title for this painting!


It is funny how, with an very abstracted painting like this one, the title should present no problem to me at all, yet maybe to an outside viewer, it might appear that a more abstract painting would be more of a challenge to come to a title with.  Maybe the key in this is the expression part, because it was such an emotionally led painting (quite exhausting!) that what is expressed I knew in the very painting of it, even though I did not have a final image in my mind, there was a very strong sense of knowing exactly what I was doing and what I was expressing. 

I plan to work on some more figurative painting soon.  It is not that I do not value the process involved above, but rather I am always interested in experimentation, and I have done this type of painting above.  Why carry on with more of the same?  The most important thing about any painting is that it will inform the next one…and so the process continues.  No painting really stands in isolation, any more than days in our lives are disconnected from those around them.

I don’t always reflect on my painting in a conscious, verbally articulated way, but this one has a very direct link with a memory for me, so I will scribble (as best you can with type!) something here regardless. 

When I was at infant school, the head teacher came up to me when I was painting.  I must have been around 6 years old.  She looked at my painting, with the sky as a strip of blue on the top, and the earth as a green or brown (cannot remember which) strip at the bottom, and said to me “That’s not how the sky is, it goes right down to the bottom where the land is”

I looked at her, and I still remember the thought “It’s my painting, and I want to paint it this way”.  I knew that the sky didn’t appear as a strip in the sky, and I thought the headteacher was stupid for thinking that I didn’t know that!  I was most insulted! But satisfied with what I was doing with the paint.

I like that memory.  Never underestimate a child! Especially if they know what they are doing!


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