Mark Gertler 1891-1939 “Merry Go Round” 1916 Oil Painting At Tate Britain

October 9, 2011

I first came across this painting years ago.  It was on the front cover of a book of short fiction stories; stories which inspired me so much I ended up doing a degree in Literature a few years later.  Starting to read fiction led to a lot more than I had ever imagined it would!   This painting was the reason I picked up the book initially, and how lovely to see it in the flesh at the Tate Britain recently.  What a masterpiece it is!  It was painted at the height of the First World War by Gertler who was a conscientious objector.  To transform a merry go round into a military machine is a masterstroke in itself.  He explained, ‘Lately the whole horror of war has come freshly upon me’.



One Response to “Mark Gertler 1891-1939 “Merry Go Round” 1916 Oil Painting At Tate Britain”

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