“Inking Outside The Block” Visual Art Exhibiton – The Cornerhouse, Surbiton, Surrey – Jenny Meehan Contemporary Artist’s Journal

November 3, 2011



It is very important to spend time looking at a painting in progress and when apparently “finished” because you still learn a lot from it.  If it can speak new ideas and thoughts to you, then it is not finished with its work, and I don’t like to let a painting go until the process is completely finished.  I have technically “finished” it with a couple of coats of Lascaux Fixativ.  This is good because it doesn’t destroy the gloss/matt relationships as some coatings would do.

I often use Clearshield Semi-gloss waterbased UV Protective coating, which is excellent for adding protection to acrylic paintings which you don’t want to mount behind glass.  It’s very heavy duty stuff…They use it on aeroplanes!  However, unless you want a uniform finish, the Lascaux Fixativ is best. It is important to add a protective coating to acrylic paint…though it is only slightly porous, it is porous, and it will get dirty and need to be cleaned.  I normally write on the stretchers what it is painted in and what it is coated with.

Busy sorting out frames, mountings and fixings ready for my solo exhibition at the Cornerhouse in Surbiton, Surrey.  See:


I have to just be a little bit “picky” and say that the exhibition is not “about” my own personal journey…The writing on the site was put together by someone else and while they did a very good job indeed, I don’t see my art practice as “about” anything, it is an expression which comes through my own personal journey.  Gosh, I am getting particular in my older age! Reading through the blurb, I also wonder if I use too many words, full stop.  I guess I do like writing and would consider myself a writer as well as a visual artist, and maybe I need to keep the two further apart.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday 6th December to Friday 30th December.  The opening night, which is open to all, is Tuesday 6th December 7pm to 9pm.  I will be there to answer any questions about my work and it should be an enjoyable, sociable time too.  Drinks and nibbles will be available, and there is work offered for sale, ranging from £15 for digital C-prints, up to around £300 for framed paintings.

It is possible to get access to the exhibition during Cornerhouse opening hours, but these do vary depending on what else is going on.  If you cannot make the opening night but would like to come along and view the work at another time, then take a look on the Cornerhouse website to see when the building is open.  Alternatively, feel free to contact me on j.meehan@tesco.net or via my website www.jennymeehan.co.uk .


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