“Inking Outside The Block” Visual Art Exhibiton – Advance Notice Of Opening Night Event – Jenny Meehan

November 4, 2011



 Above “Hello Picasso!” Oil Painting on MDF – Jenny Meehan 2010

Still busy sorting out frames, mountings and fixings ready for my solo exhibition at the Cornerhouse in Surbiton, Surrey.  See:


The exhibition runs from Tuesday 6th December to Friday 30th December.  The opening night, which is open to all, is Tuesday 6th December 7pm to 9pm.  I will be there to answer any questions about my work and it should be an enjoyable, sociable time too.  Drinks and nibbles will be available, and there is work offered for sale, ranging from £15 for digital C-prints, up to around £300 for framed paintings. 

It is possible to get access to the exhibition during Cornerhouse opening hours, but these do vary depending on what else is going on.  If you cannot make the opening night but would like to come along and view the work at another time, then take a look on the Cornerhouse website to see when the building is open.  Alternatively, feel free to contact me on j.meehan@tesco.net or via my website www.jennymeehan.co.uk .

Preparing for the exhibiton has brought the issues of storage  and transportation of paintings into my mind.  Thankfully I don’t have many to store, but as I get to spend more time painting as the children get older, I will have to think of that.  I understand that I could store acrylics on stretchers in my loft (going on the Golden Acrylics advice page on the net) as long as they are properly packed.   The main issue would be heat and the acrylic softening, but as long as they are not squashed against eachother then that is fine.  Storing vertically is best.  Oil paintings I cannot store in the loft, because of the changes in humidity, so I will just have to tidy up some of the cupboards in the house I guess.  At least it’s an incentive to do some sorting out!

For transporting paintings I tend to use cardboard boxes, and put these inside a large suitcase with wheels.  This is quite handy if the paintings are heavy.  Paintings are cushioned with whatever comes to hand, sheeting, bubblewrap, scrunched up paper, that kind of thing.


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