“Inking Outside The Block” and Thoughts on “Abstract Art” with link to Abstract Critical

November 13, 2011


I found an interesting website and forum discussion yesterday, and it got me thinking.  My own contribution is brief and no great revelation, just my own immediate response:

“Abstraction, yes, a process before anything else. My own understanding of it is that it’s something which can happen when a creator of whatever variety is free to manipulate whatever material they work with in a manner which is free of any need for it to be meaningful to anyone else. It’s a joy. The products are as diverse as the inspirations which make someone create something in the first place. I tend to settle on the “All art is abstract”.  As for the contributions here, they are all very interesting.”

The forum topic can be found here:  http://abstractcritical.com/2011/03/not-painting-not-sculpture-not-abstract/

I intend to take a little more time looking over the site, but have to confess to being  more motivated to spend my time working on some paintings I have “on the go” right now than spending too much time with theory.

Nice day today, saw a dear friend to discuss our paintings and also the work of a few other artists.   I also pop in here the video prepared for the Cornerhouse opening event, which is an assortment of work ranging over the last few years.  It’s so easy to put together these videos in Photostory, it’s hard to resist!


If you want to come along and see the work “in the flesh” details are below:


The exhibition runs from Tuesday 6th December to Friday 30th December.  The opening night, which is open to all, is Tuesday 6th December 7pm to 9pm.  I will be there to answer any questions about my work and it should be an enjoyable, sociable time too.  Drinks and nibbles will be available, and there is work offered for sale, ranging from £15 for digital C-prints, up to around £300 for framed paintings.

It is possible to get access to the exhibition during Cornerhouse opening hours, but these do vary depending on what else is going on.  If you cannot make the opening night but would like to come along and view the work at another time, then take a look on the Cornerhouse website to see when the building is open.  Alternatively, feel free to contact me on j.meehan@tesco.net or via my website www.jennymeehan.co.uk .



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