BBC Website “Your Paintings” Link – Plus Looking At Ivon Hitchens AGAIN

December 2, 2011

Made time today to enjoy my book “Ivon Hitchens” by Peter Khoroche.   My favourite eye resting place today was “Summer Water, Morning 1961”.   Had a little peep at John Hitchens’ website, intrigued to find out what his son’s paintings are like.  I liked what I saw on the site..Abstract landscapes, confident, interesting.  Also found a good source of  fodder for browsing through in the BBC website “Your Paintings”.  See

As I swing in my mind between the virtues of painting from life (the outer kind) and painting from life (the inner kind) I wonder if I waste my time with the dilemma; I suspect that I do.  This is not helpful. What does it matter?  I suspect also that it is too much concern with the reception of my painting, and too little concern with faithfulness to my inner drive.  Looking through my Hitchens book is always helpful to me in this respect, as I see the paintings do not suffer the concerns of others, but only the person who painted them, and this is exactly the way that it should be.

I am in that funny place just before an exhibition.  I have abandoned all hope (this always happens!) and feel flung into the pointlessness of it all.  This might sound bad, but I am getting used to it.  It’s almost routine.  I understand that Picasso felt so bad sometimes about his work that he refused to attend some of his own exhibitions, and if he felt like that about his work, then I am pleased to feel the way I do about mine.  

It will pass.





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