No so Fine Art – Contemporary Painter based in Surrey/South West London – Jenny Meehan

December 15, 2011


“Calm”.  Doing my usual thing of playing around on the computer at this time of year, with different drawings and paintings.  I like black.  Working on several black and white images and extending my skills with Photoshop.  Paths. Effects. Layers.  Fun.

Working on some paintings, some oil, some acrylic.  It’s handy to have both mediums: I wouldn’t have space to dry all the oils, and as acrylic is quick to dry, the problem is solved.  Made a nice medium today with sand, which I like the texture of.  Some pigments I slaked a while back have gone a little mouldy…I did put some whiskey in, which I thought would solve the problem, but there’s still some mould there.  Mind you, easy to scrape off. 

Because “fine art” is now so intellectual, so conceptual, so theoretical, I cannot be done with it. 

It takes me away from my paint, takes me away from the emotion which fires my painting, takes me away from my instincts.  Takes me away from focusing on what I am doing, and makes me self-conscious, which is a very bad thing.  I feel “painter” sits more comfortably.  I have to use the word “fine artist” for the sake of google and searches and suchlike.  Visual Artist is better.  Visual Communicator is even better. 



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