Hidden Artists Exhibition, Denbies Vineyard, Dorking, Surrey – Running from 24th January to 29th January 2012 – Jenny Meehan Contemporary Surrey Artist’s Journal

January 21, 2012

Ah, well, I won’t be giving you a picture of the work I have in the Hidden Artist Exhibition at Denbies, Dorking, next week.  That would be telling!  I do think it’s a great move on Denbies part to host this event, which will benefit the NSPCC. 

See: http://www.hiddenartists.co.uk/artists_and_sponsors.html

I’m getting into the swing of another year, and excited about how my painting is progressing.  I’m expecting things to move on with pace as I devote myself over the next few years to “thrashing it out”, which is a phrase I heard recently which I’ll adopt as a motto I think.  IF I had a great printer I might also devote a bit of time into working on some prints/mixed media, but as I don’t, this leaves the time clear for painting…this might be best for me anyway.  I always fall into the trap of diversifying rather than focusing, and while I get loads of ideas that way, if I don’t get them down, like balloons, they could carry me away!

That does sound fun…

And I am going to try out some woodcarving…

And there’s another exhibition coming up in May at Leatherhead Theatre…


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