Using this a bit like a notebook now.

This was such a good read.

I’m so pregnant with paint myself that I seriously need to stop blogging and get on with it. 

I’ve just finished a painting “Til The Cows Come Home” which I will post up soon.  Need to take a better image of it as the one I have is far too overexposed.

Here is a work in progress.  When I say “in progress” I mean that I am still thinking about it, not completely 100% finished, but maybe not that far off.  It takes a few months after I have finished applying paint on a painting to resolve it finally in my mind.  Sometimes I carry on a lot, sometimes just add a little more paint, and sometimes I just agree with the place I stopped painting in!!!

I would prefer to use oils to be honest, but I find that because of restricted space, the fact I tend to work on more than one painting at a time, and that I need to put them somewhere to dry,  I am using acrylics right now, at this point in the year.  It is handy that they dry quickly.  I am sorting out my workspace so that I can leave more work to dry on the walls.  Acrylics are also great for experimenting with surface textures and as this is something I am interested in right now.  Though I see myself quite possibly getting more pictorial with time, (indeed, I don’t feel it right to neglect this aspect of painting),  I also feel it important to experiment very thoroughly with the materials I use, and this is something which has to be done, not for effect or any determining course, but just because it must be done.  One of the things I enjoyed at the  Gerhard Richter “Panorama” Exhibition at the Tate Modern recently was to see that there’s not rule that a painter should abide in one camp or another…Paint figuratively, paint non objectively, what does it matter?  Does one have to do one, and not the other? Should one have to nail ones flag to one mast and shoot the other ship down?



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