Wittering On – I Shouldn’t Really Just Jump In And Not Worry About It…But I Will – Jenny Meehan WordPress Journal

January 29, 2012

Back with more words…Wittering on, but it’s a pleasure.

What/how words express is handy…Discourse makes/becomes a kind of structure around thoughts which ties them in, keeps them in order.  Logic.  But painting…

There is structure too, never to be disregarded.  There is composition, grammar, but it needs rooting, not in rules and regulations (though they must be known about, and sometimes followed) but in instinct.  And this is not definable.  So will I just jump in and not worry about it?  Yes. It’s the only way. 

This image is of a recent experiment…a good friend with a critical eye (of the very talented sort) points out I need to change the brown “skid mark” top left of image, and I agree. 

And back to domestic bliss, I have to go now because the children are about to start a war.

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