Society of Wood Engravers 74th Annual Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery – Jenny Meehan Artist Journal

February 11, 2012

Enjoyed the Society of Wood Engravers 74th Annual Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery. There is nothing like the graphic clarity of black and white printing, and how pleasing to the eye the meticulous and committed mark. Drawing! Drawing! Drawing! (I have abandoned you with my explorations into paint and texture right now, but what a timely reminder to return) to lines, lines this way and that, overlapping lines, lines pressing against each other, lines tailing off, lines colliding, lines confronting, lines integrating and rebelling against each other. Lines defining, in the way that only lines can. I won’t forget. The time will come. I found myself very attracted to fanciful creatures, imaginary beasts and have made a note to myself to create some imaginary fish. I have some wood, and it needs cutting. However, for work far more skilled than I will be producing in this medium:

What I will be doing soon in relation to wood is a wood carving course at West Dean College, Near Chichester, Sussex with tutor Ted Vincent.  I’m thinking of working on a relief carving of a fish.   While I won’t be printing with my carving, I am hoping that I will also gain some technical skills which I can carry over into using in different ways.  At some point I wish to work on some relief carving of limestone slabs…As usual I have far too many ideas and too little time!  It has been my experience though, that this is not such a bad thing, as long as one does have the ability to focus in when necessary.  Indeed, a diversity of ideas, reflections, inclinations, and of experimention with different materials, can mean, (if what is learnt is put into practice in other media), that avenues of creativity and expression are opened up in a way which would not have been possible in any other way.  Different materials and techniques have much to offer eachother, and stop ones work from growing stale. 



“Inner Strength” Charcoal Drawing from life by Jenny Meehan. 

I feel  grateful right now for all those people who, in a spirit of genuine compassion and love, have enriched my experience of life through their kindness and consideration.  It is these things which give us inner strength, and enable us to work in the world in a beneficial way.


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