Back From West Dean College, Sussex – Woodcarving with Ted Vincent – Jenny Meehan Contemporary Artist’s Journal

February 20, 2012

“Contemporary Artist”  Mmmm.  Images of pretension stand before me, and I don’t like them.  But when people look for visual art on the net, they look for “art” and “artists”.  So I have to settle for that.

Back from an excellent course at West Dean College led by Ted Vincent.  “Woodcarving” was great…I like wood, I had a feeling I would (Ahhh! I did not intend that pun!) and I learnt some very useful things, most importantly for me how to sharpen my tools and which tools to purchase.  I will carry on, maybe not in 3D…I liked working in 3D, but I have been wanting to try out some woodcuts.  It’s a logical next step forward. 

Here’s an image of my produce.  I am playing around with how I like it best arranged, and since taking this image, I think I have found a better way, but here it is for now.  I also have some small adjustments to make.  I have to admit to a certain complacency on day three of the course, as I had done the majority of the cutting, and I wanted to practice sharpening tools.  So I faffed  about.   I liked the polishing wheel and the grinder: it brought back memories of my Dad, a Locksmith and Toolmaker, and I spent a fair bit of time first making tools blunter than they were when I got hold of them, and finally making them sharper.   


Still have some adjustments to make.  Was a lovely course, great tutor, really helpful and encouraging.  Did a fair amount of research over the time there too.  Looking at Paul Nash (again!), examples of Japanese pattern/printmaking, and Christian symbolism.   



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