Getting that pre-exhibition buzz.  Better than the days before it, when you trash your work in your head and wonder what you are doing it for.  Even Picasso has these downs, I understand he didn’t even come to some of the private views of his own work because he felt so awful about it!!!

Today is packing up the work day and I find that corrugated cardboard roll is the best thing, along with bubble wrap if work has glass.   Lots of people have said they are coming, and I am looking forward to meeting new people and catching up with people I already know, but haven’t had the chance to chat with for a while.  Stephanie and myself are leaving the hanging decisions until tomorrow when we hang the work,  and that itself is a very creative process which I enjoy immensely.  I plan to take some images of the exhibition when hung and maybe a video if I get the time.  The work on show is a mix of both non objective and representational paintings and drawings. 

I think this exhibition will be a really good one.  Stephanie, who is better with words than I, has prepared a little intro…

“For this exhibition, the artists Jenny Meehan and Stephanie Greenslade have carefully juxtaposed selected contemporary abstract work with more representational pieces to create an unusual and challenging dynamic that is reflective of the turbulent emotional environments survived by both in childhood.
Diverse styles and changing mood are brought together in close contact here, giving rise to an emotionally charged and deliberately tangential display of work that has, at its heart a commonality: between the essential narratives of both artists, their spiritual and artistic journeys and the journeys of everyman.”
 So come along if you are free, all ages welcome, and enjoy the work on show.  It’s at Leatherhead Theatre, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8DN.  Telephone 01372 365141 for more information or contact me through my website: or email:    Opening times are normally between 10am and 10pm, but check with theatre first, as times do vary.  Opening Night event is from 6pm until 9pm on Saturday 28th April.  There will be nibbles available and a bar if you wish to purchase drinks.  

Many thanks to Leatherhead Theatre for hosting this event!

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