Video for “Some Kind of Narrative…” Stephanie Greenslade and Jenny Meehan – Fine Painting – London Days – Disconnected Thoughts – Finding Pathways Ahead – Jenny Meehan Contemporary Painter

May 1, 2012

I fancy making a more ridiculously long title, but this will do for now.

Just put a video on YouTube of the exhibition currently running at Leatherhead Theatre.  Do come along and see it.  Nice cafe opposite the theatre too.  There are 40 works on show, not all of them are included in the video, as there is also work hung in the Mezz Bar area.  The hanging went well.  Ideally I would have liked a little more space in between the pieces, but as we had a lot of work it was a bit of a squeeze.

As I am now up in London a couple of times a week, I am taking the opportunity to visit various galleries and see exhibitions, and en route to my destination I pass by Llewellyn Alexander (Fine Paintings) Ltd.  This is very handy as I have gained a lot from my time spent looking at the last two exhibitions and I intend to continue my visits.  While my own painting mainly non representational right now, I do love subject matter of the more obvious and external kind, and through looking at the work of other accomplished painters with more experience than myself, I am getting a strong sense of what exactly I value and admire, both in terms of emotional and psychological content as well as formal features. 

 I enjoyed some excellent paintings by Jeremy Barlow recently.  I don’t like busy street scenes and cafe scenes at all, and so I was surprised to find myself drawn INTO the gallery.   I had spotted some of  the quiet, soft and sensitively painted landscapes, blissfully free of crowds of people, and also some quite magical paintings of Venice with a kind of psychological depth which I always find attractive. 

I have also seen the exhibition at Hauser and Wirth, London W1J 9DY.  I have often admired Joan Mitchell’s painting and the exhibition “The Last Paintings”  was time well spent.  I enjoyed the scale of the paintings.  I am sad I do not have the facilities to make wall size paintings (what size is a wall?!) because I think with the non objective painting I’m busy with right now, it would be very interesting to try something out on a large scale.   



 I am starting to think of a body of non-objective painting through which I can really throw myself about and achieve the satisfaction of experimenting without any restraint.  Sounds good, but, well, not quite true, because I find restraint is the very necessary ingredient to make a visually cohesive expressionistic work, so maybe that is the wrong word.  Rather, I will have some space, and within that space, establish the limitations required, without narrowing down the elements I experiment with. Well, that’s the aim anyway.  Thankfully, a nice opportunity has presented itself to exhibit some non objective paintings at Allied Healthcare in Chessington for three months from September this year.  A fine white wall is available, and I look forward to seeing some paintings hopefully breathing on it!

Enjoy a read from time to time:

Cross to find I have missed this exhibition, but the video was excellent.  I seem to be managing to feed myself intellectually right now.

As the children are getting older, it is becoming more possible to spend longer blocks of time in the studio and this has meant that I am also listening to a lot more music.  It does stop things from getting too intense to have music on while painting.  Particularly enjoying listening to my husband’s “Trent – Live at Spring Harvest” CD right now, and singing along to my favourite song “Perfect Sacrifice”.

While rather tired from the effort involved in the last few weeks with the painting and drawing exhibition at Leatherhead Theatre “Some Kind of Narrative…” I still had the energy yesterday to pull together a poster for it, to go on the outside of Leatherhead Theatre so that passers by know that it is there.  I am quite pleased with it, bearing in mind it was a last minute effort and done rather quickly.   Amazing what you can do with Photoshop. Here it is:


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