“Angel Project” Artwork for Kingston Parish Church (if so desired?) – All Glass Painting Image – Collecting Art on a Modest Budget – Chinese Painting – “Meeting Places” at Southwark Cathedral

November 18, 2013

“Angel Project” at Kingston Parish Church

Below the design I submitted to the “Angel Project” at Kingston Parish Church.  Not quite sure what’s happening with the “Angel Project”… The idea was for some designs to be selected and printed, then given to those who made donations for the renovations needed in the church…Still brewing, I think.   I enjoy a bit of work on the computer from time to time, and was pleased with the outcome of this.  Yet to find out if anything is going to happen with it, as it hasn’t been selected, and possible may not.

angel print for all saints church of england kingston upon thames angel campaign submission by jenny meehan
Angel print for All Saints church of england CofE Kingston parish church kingston upon thames angel campaign submission by jenny meehan

“All Glass”Painting Images

Well, the light at this time of year is just great for photographing texture… And so I did, results below.  As the painting is no longer in my possession, it is helpful to have the images in order to remember what I did.  I am not sure if I will do such a geometric abstract painting again, preferring the  mark making, gesture,  and lyricism explored in the recent past, but it was a good experiment and I took quite a lot away from the experience which I can utilize in other abstraction with acrylics for certain.

If you are interested in commissioning a painting, just contact me and we can discuss possibilities.   Pricing depends on the size of the painting, materials used, size of the work and the time involved in making it, but a rough guide is from around £200 to £400 for a 70 x 50 cm painting on canvas.   I also construct frames for my paintings if required, which add on around another £40 – £60, depending on the type of frame used.    Some collectors like to frame-work themselves, which I don’t mind at all…One collector purchased three pieces of work from me and got their local framer to sort out the framing, which was fine from my point of view as the work was on card and board and I don’t like messing around with glass in frames…It doesn’t agree with me at all!   But for the canvas, it works out more economical to buy the frame I provide with the work, plus I do put a fair amount of thought into the framing and how it relates to the painting, so it rather becomes part of the work in a way.

Collecting Art on a Modest Budget

This is an interesting read:


I am always encouraged when I find earnest and interested collectors with a passion and love for painting have found my work and of course it is especially lovely when they decide to purchase a piece!  What gives me a lot of happiness is when I know that someone has brought something because they respond to it in a way that brings them a lot of pleasure and reward… When it is part of a collection which expresses their own love and interest for visual art, and isn’t just a matter of accumulation, though it must be very enjoyable to develop a strand of interesting artworks, paintings or prints in that way.  To have an art collection in which different artists and paintings relate to each other in interesting ways would be a fascination in itself. I would collect myself, if I had more room and more disposable income!

There are some very sound and useful pointers for the person wishing to start a collection of art here on the artbusiness.com  website:


Grayson Perry

I enjoyed all of the lectures

“A pilgrim on the road to meaning”   Grayson Perry’s definition of an artist…

Rather love that,   I have often felt that my own art working is indeed a way to make sense of the world/my life experiences.

A wonderful gift was given to me today!  (06/11/2013)

I now own a beautiful book “Fine Collection of Chinese Painting Masters”

I spent some time looking around the exhibition at the Royal College of Art…My original intention was to view the National Open Art Competition show also showing at the Royal College of Art, but thankfully there was more, and I found it.  Nothing really grabbed me at the National Open Art Competition show…This doesn’t mean there were not many things of interest, but nothing grabbed me emotionally at all, and I began to wonder if my emotions, like so many leaves right now, had fallen off their branches and were intent on rotting and rotting alone.     As I walked around the  “Ink China – Excellent Chinese Painting in UK Exhibition”  my only real sadness and disappointment was that all these painters were men…There were plenty of  masters, but not one mistress in sight!  Well, maybe “Paintress” would avoid confusion…And firmly place the exact role in focus without any confusion!

However,  I am sure things will change.  My own self is suffering right now from the way our own country seems intent on undermining any role in society that doesn’t involve financial gain and measurable results…

Some selected quotes from the text of my delightful gift:

“…ink culture is regardless of “subject and object” and requires us to make them blend.  By making a confession of heart and soul with ink, we set mind and emotion smooth and free, thus expressing the mood of the painting just as its creating purpose.  Although it is not good at getting itself directly involved in social change with grand narrative mode, it can still express true feeling for life and profound life values.  It “repairs ones inner heart and benefits the outside world” and “expresses individual ambition to vibrate his gentleness” (or “hers”…I must add here).”

“The biggest function of Chinese painting is to calm people down.  It is not a presenter of struggling but the singer of nature, it seeks to the quietest and the farthest to create the harmony between human and heaven…If this cultural realm of ink is well understood worldwide, there will be much less bloodshed and battle”

“This “Fine Collection of Chinese Painting Masters” is an artworks collection of the “Ink China” exhibition sponsored by Painting and Calligraphy Academy of Central Research Institute of Culture and History…These works are inherited yet not limited by the pattern; innovative yet abide by rules…this collection is regarded as a gift dedicated to the overseas Chinese and international friends.  These artworks convey the best wishes of the Chinese ink artists to the world…”  Wrote at Purple Cottage Scholar House, Beijiing, in the summer of 2013  by Cheng Dali

Well, thank you, thank  you and thank you again.  I will meditate in my room, as the curator advised.  And let me pray that those paintresses will be free to join the painting masters in the task so well suited to the gentle spirit which we desire to cultivate in the production of art.  And may the gentle nature which we see in living creation, though often faced with destruction, death and dying…Let it flourish.

I found this on the internet, and it was very interesting indeed.  It is quite hard to listen to, and needs some patience, but I found it well worth the effort.  I am quite interested in the combination of very great structure and also very great freedom of expression, (maybe order and chaos?!) and it must be surely a very significant and interesting time for artists trained with such structure and yet opened up to all that lies beyond the many years of tradition.  Indeed the interest lies not only in the subject matter (I have already expressed my orientation towards mountains/rocks and water!) but also in the potential of the extreme control of composition and mark-making combined with the free flowing and spontaneous….Maybe the rock of structure with the flow of the completely un knowable and uncontrollable…  Oh, I ramble on, but it is a pleasant journey.   Poetic form with emotion is a heart which beats very strongly, and for me, made my responses to the Chinese paintings I saw recently much more engaging and something which helps me to clarify certain strands in my own visual practice…Certain values and interests which have been sneaking up rather quietly but which hold some plentiful promises for future directions.


There is a lot about China and the way things are so controlled which deeply concern me and seem quite far away from the freedom which I value so much.  I have to add this.  Because though romantic, I am also quite a realistic type of person!

“Meeting Places ” at Southwark Cathedral

I felt so grateful for the opportunity to take part in this event, and have taken lots of ideas and thoughts away with me to grow and develop I hope.    I was particularly struck by this part of the closing worship:

Bishop Christopher:  Christ speaks:  “Arise, let us go from here, for you in me and I in you
together, we are one undivided person”
(from an ancient sermon for Holy Saturday

Each of us walks an unknown path to a land we do not know
Yet Christ walks with us.
Together we are undivided person.
Christ leads us along the way, and he is our way. 

So, I had to search it out and find this ancient sermon…anything ancient sound interesting to me!


And so reading in context;  essential and dimensional for thinking!

Yet another item for the notebook!

I am taking a little Christmas break from the blogging, as very much in need of more painting time, which of course gets harder as Christmas approaches and the extra tasks mount up!  I have made a Christmas Cake this year for the first time in ages, which I hope will taste wonderful.

Dare I say it… In the light of my absence…..Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!!!

Jenny Meehan is a painter and designer based in East Surrey/South West London.
Her website is http://www.jamartlondon.com.  (www.jamartlondon.com replaces the older now deceased website http://www.jennymeehan.co.uk)

Jenny Meehan BA Hons (Lit.) PGCE also offers art tuition.  Please contact Jenny at j.meehan@tesco.net or through the contact form at http://www.jamartlondon.com for further details.   Commissions for paintings are also undertaken at affordable prices.

 Jenny Meehan works mainly with either oils or acrylics  creating both abstract/non-objective paintings  and also semi-abstract work.  She also creates representational and figurative artwork,  mostly using digital photography/image manipulation software, painting and  drawing.

Jenny Meehan exhibits around the United Kingdom and holds regular Open Studio/Studio Sale events.  To be placed on Jenny Meehan’s mailing list please email j.meehan@tesco.net requesting to be kept up to date.  Also, follow the Jenny Meehan Contemporary Artist’s Journal at WordPress and keep informed that way. 


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