Piecemeal – Details from Recent Paintings and Reading – Happy Christmas! – Jenny Meehan Artist’s Journal

December 18, 2014

Surrey  Artist’s Open Studios 2015

I am pleased to say that I will be taking part in the 2015 Surrey Artist’s Open Studios as part of the Kingston Artist’s Open Studios group.   I plan to show some paintings and a few digital prints and though it seems ages away, I know from experience how quickly the time flies, and so invite you to make a note of the Surrey Artist’s Open Studios well ahead of the actual dates, which are from the 6th until the 21st of June 2015.  I will be showing work with other Kingston Artist’s Open Studios artists on the weekends 6th and 7th  and 13th and 14th  June …So pencil it in!

For general information on the Surrey Artist’s Open Studios:


To see my Surrey Artist’s Open Studios Page on the Surrey Artist’s Open Studios Website:


Thinking On…

“The happiness which God designs for His higher creatures is the happiness of being freely, voluntarily united to Him and to each other in an ecstasy of love and delight compared with which the most rapturous love between a man and a woman on this earth is mere milk and water. And for that they’ve got to be free. Of course God knew what would happen if they used their freedom the wrong way: apparently, He thought it worth the risk. … If God thinks this state of war in the universe a price worth paying for free will – that is, for making a real world in which creatures can do real good or harm and something of real importance can happen, instead of a toy world which only moves when He pulls the strings, then we may take it it is worth paying.”(C.S. Lewis, The Case for Christianity).


Accepting Evangelicals Event at St John’s Waterloo


This was a super event which took place on the 18th October 2014… I am so glad I made the effort to come along.   The talks were really inspiring and the worship and atmosphere were really very, very lovely, indeed.  It is very important I believe for people to  examine the problem of prejudice in ourselves and our religious organisations, and to be open to changing our views when we find them to be unloving and unkind.  It is a big step out of a comfort zone,  and does take considerable effort, as generally us humans find it much easier not to change our minds and our thinking about things…and much easier to stick to the familiar paths.  But so much hurt and harm is done to others because of prejudice.  And also, to ourselves, for we cut away the very part of our hearts which could have capacity for deeper and greater love.    We just need to listen and learn, talk and think,  and be prepared for change to happen.

Some Examples of Artwork by Jenny Meehan on You Tube


I put this video together a few years ago… Gives you a little assortment of images to meditate on if you should so wish!   Please note the website address is incorrect, as my website is now www.jamartlondon.com

Chichester Cathedral

Looking forward to a visit here in the New Year…

Some images taken several years ago on a visit…Such lovely artworks!

This tapestry designed by John Piper…

john piper tapestry at chichester cathedral

john piper tapestry at chichester cathedral


Ursula Benker-Schirmir in the retro-choir chichester cathedral

Ursula Benker-Schirmir in the retro-choir chichester cathedral


Ursula Benker-Schirmir  Tapestry in the retro-choir, Chichester Cathedral.  The tapestry was designed by a German artist, Ursula Benker-Schirmer, in 1984.  It blends Christian symbols of a chalice, a cross, a dove (flying over the cross from the right) a flame, and fishes (at the bottom). Among other things, it was meant to symbolize reconciliation between the British and German people after WWII.

Looking Backwards

jenny meehan sketch book

jenny meehan sketch book

My “sketch books”  are not true sketch books, but a vast selection of different pieces of card and paper which are spread around the whole house.  My sketchbooks tend to get filled with notes and thoughts, rather than drawings.  I find it better to draw from observation on loose pieces of paper, because there is a horrid pressure with a sketch book to somehow turn it into a consistent piece of work as a whole, and I dislike that.   I use this time of year to look back and reflect on what I have been experimenting with.  This piece above was simply trying out different types of paint and pigments….Different viscosities of paint and different media for lines.

Henri Nouwen

“Our brokenness reveals something about who we are.  Our sufferings and pains are not simply bothersome interruptions of our lives; rather, they touch us in our uniqueness and our most intimate individuality.  The way I am broken tells you someting unique about me.  The way you are broken tells me something unique about you.  That is the reason for my feeling very privileged when you freely share some of your deep pain with me, and that is why it is an expression of my trust in you when I disclose to you something of my vulnerable side.  Our brokenness is always lived and experienced as highly personal, intimate and unique.  I am deeply convinced that each human being suffers in a way no other human being suffers.  No doubt, we can make comparisons; we can talk about more or less suffering, but, in the final analysis, your pain and my pain are so deeply personal that comparing them can bring scarcely any consolation or comfort.  In fact, I am more grateful for a person who can acknowledge that I am very alone in my pain than for someone who tries  to tell me that there are many others who have similar or a worse pain.”


Painting Details

One of the things I like about the way I am painting right now is that there is both brokenness expressed but also some beauty in this.  Years back I used to walk down the rear access roads of Chessington while taking my children here and there and I used to look very carefully indeed at both the ground and the neglected outbuildings, fences, sheds, walls etc which yielded for me a type of beauty most unexpected.  Rusted metal, in particular, often produced beautiful patterns and colours.  Peeling paint.  It was peeling paint which called me into painting, I think.  I found a beauty in the paint which enticed me into using it myself.  It encouraged me to spend a lot of time researching pigments and different types of paint.  All very useful to me now.

jenny meehan imagery, jenny meehan visual art, moon key photograph jenny meehan rusted metal door

moon key photograph jenny meehan rusted metal door

This image “Moon Key” was very inspiring.  How beautiful is that.  And a given.  Just happened.   Keeps one in a state of humility, which is a blessing indeed!

sketch of chessington rear access road jenny meehan

sketch of chessington rear access road jenny meehan

Above a little sketch-painting of one of the rear access roads in Chessington I used to roam around in!  I spent some time hunting around as many as a could find once I started.  It felt like another world.

all rights reserved jenny meehan DACS hinge painting jenny meehan

hinge painting jenny meehan
all rights reserved jenny meehan DACS

Please note all images are All rights reserved – Jenny Meehan DACS.  Please contact me in the first instance if you wish to include in anything online, and if required for other uses, a licence is required.  

Oh, and to the point, this part is titled “Painting Details”… So here they are some from recent painting:

????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????

painting detail jenny meehan jamartlondon.com

painting detail jenny meehan jamartlondon.com

That’s plenty!

Bigger images of some recent paintings:

21st century female painter uk british english, the gift of orange 2014 by jenny meehan

the gift of orange 2014 by jenny meehan


Christian spirituality art painting uk british Divine Intervention - Jenny Meehan

Divine Intervention – Jenny Meehan

Now play spot the area!


I do remember being very struck when finding a book in a jumble sale, aged around 16, showing work by the Boyle family.. See here:


I am wondering if this may have had more of an impact on me than I realised…All this concern with ground, groundwork, surface.

Textures just do so many interesting things with light, it is quite impossible to neglect investing time in looking at them!

Pushing the pushchair along the pavement was a good way of looking downwards for long periods of time.  I have many hours spent doing that!

Lots of my paintings when on the wall have numerous different appearances due to the changes of light which I like a lot.  This is due to the variety of textures and finishes used.  It is also nice and challenging when creating them to consider the appearance as not fixed but fluid… it keeps me on my toes.   My oil paintings tend to be thinner and flatter, which I also like.  It’s exciting to see different strands and directions happening within what I do.  Art working is not a narrow singular path.

Ann Gale

Oh, this was a good read…


I miss the figure drawing and the beginnings of figure painting which were a brief feature for me at the beginning of this year, and reading this has tweaked my interest in painting the figure from observation again.  It’s something  I intend to do.


Reading around five books at once, as usual.

And of course, the hard to resist realm of the internet…

Interested in Jung right now…Having followed my inkling around the phrase “wounded healer”  I find it a term many have used…

As always interested in psychological theories.  A brief introduction:

Carl Jung

Excerpt from Personality and Personal Growth (6th ed.)
Frager, R., & Fadiman, J. (2005). New York: Pearson
Prentice Hall pg. 56:

Carl Jung is one of the most important, most complex, and most controversial psychological theorists. Jungian psychology focuses on establishing and fostering the relationship between conscious and unconscious processes. Dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious aspects of the psyche enriches the person, and Jung believed that without this dialogue, unconscious processes can weaken and even jeopardize the personality.

One of Jung’s central concepts is individuation, his term for a process of personal development that involves establishing a connection between the ego and the self. The ego is the center of consciousness; the self is the center of the total psyche, including both the conscious and the unconscious. For Jung, there is constant interplay between the two. They are not separate but are two aspects of a single system. Individuation is the process of developing wholeness by integrating all the various parts of the psyche.

Jung’s analysis of human nature includes investigations of Eastern and Western religions, alchemy, parapsychology, and mythology. His initial impact was greater on philosophers, folklorists, and writers than on psychologists or psychiatrists. Today, however, growing concern with human consciousness and human potential has caused a resurgence of interest in Jung’s ideas.”

One of my favourite writers, Henri Nouwen, has also, used the term and has written a book with that title…So I have ordered a second hand copy.  Rather pleased to find that you can order second hand books from Oxfam online, which I did not realise.


So, another piecemeal journal entry.  Another collage of creative thinking.  Another meandering discourse.  Beats the hundreds of pieces of paper floating around the house.

Let me say “Happy Christmas” for now, and let the skimming cease…the scrolling subside, and the eyes look elsewhere, away from the wretched screen.


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