Many thanks to the Admin at Surrey Artists Network, it is lovely to be a “Featured Artist” on such an excellent website.  Since it started just over a year ago, the Surrey Artists Network has grown to become quite a crowd…artists based in and around Surrey are suddenly able to stick their noses into other artists activities,  view others work through the excellent “Photos”  facility, and generally have a lot of fun, and waste a bit of time if they feel like it, chin wagging over the net.  Take a look!

Here in Chessington I am feeling a very strong reflective mood coming on…I’ve just prepared some hardboard with different mixtures for grounds, and I am looking forward to trying out some different surfaces to work on.  I often find that preparing ground is a good activity when I am feeling a bout of spiritual contemplation coming on.  I have come across a very interesting book “Open To God” by Brother Bernard “An Anglican Franciscan and Guardian of Hilfield Friary, Dorchester”.  I do not know if he is alive right now, because the book isn’t new,( my husband found it at a charity shop), but it looks very interesting.  I also have a couple of “Art In Theory” Anthologies which I like to dip into when my brain needs something to chew over.  Most of all, right now, I feel the need for a bit of a retreat, because I have pushed ahead with my painting with great effort over the Summer, and now I have a lot of feelings and thoughts to mull over.


Oh, how pleasing. My painting  (Apple Orchard)  has been accepted for the Surrey Artists Network 1st Anniversary Exhibition! After quite an adventure getting it to the gallery ( which involved me and one child on one train to Guildford, and my husband and other child on a different train)  I am particularly pleased.  There is so much wonderful artistic talent in Surrey; it is exciting and interesting to see what other artists are exploring and the vast variety of their work. Do pop along to the Otters Pool Studio in Guildford and take a look at the work on show if you are in the area. I think they may need to rotate the exhibition, as there is more art than space, but what a great problem to have, eh?!  Image is of Apple Orchard

My pottery course is coming to a slow and gradual end…I have to stop it soon (for a while)as my painting is the main focus at present. It has been a revelation to me…it’s achieved its mission, which was to bring me back to a greater sensitivity with a physical material…necessary because of several years spent with manipulating images digitally. It is also interesting to me with regard to the type of forms which seem to flow from me…shell-like, fossil-type sculptural objects. The next image shows one in progress.

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