November and December!

December 11, 2018

©jenny meehan contemporary female abstract artist kingston upon thames surrey art culture

jenny meehan prints ©jenny meehan

November and December are when I tend to turn my attention to updating my website and various other computer based tasks.  A good time for more socialising too!  While I love and need much time in solitude, I am an extrovert by nature and there are so many fun things to do at this time of year! I have packed my studio tent away for this year.  It’s too cold now, and the days are shorter anyway.

Above you see, along with my feet, some prints which were printed for me as part of a prize awarded!  It was the 2nd Prize in Digital Art Category of Chester Art Centre Open Exhibition 2017.  One hundred pounds worth of digital printing!  What a useful prize!  I have put them in frames and prepared them ready for next years Kingston Artists’ Open Studios. They are archival quality prints, and look fantastic.  I am very pleased with them. Though I won’t label them limited edition,  because I feel that is somewhat irrelevant in today’s digital age, (with so many printing options available), because I don’t print and sign much work nowadays, they should probably be labelled 1/1….    for it is very unlikely I will produce anymore.  But I don’t know what I may want to do in the future with them.  For this reason, I tend to just sign and number my prints without specifying how many I will or won’t make.  As said, the reality is that I don’t spend much time on printing my work now or getting it printed.  Too busy creating, innovating, and experimenting!

I have made several visits to the British Museum in the later part of this year.  Glad of it.  Great place to wander through and appreciate the wealth of historical artefacts; all in one place.  I love looking at historical artefacts and discovering more about the past. I admire craftsmanship and find religious beliefs and learning about different cultures very helpful.  Kind of liberating.  The focus of so much creation is bound up in religious belief.  I find this helpful to bear in mind.

Ritual. Remembrance. Death.  Eternity.

These were the words I left with.

And a focus on the art working I do, which is purely focused on what I am doing.  Yes, it’s hard…Because there is a need to share, promote, and put things on the internet.  But as the years go by, I am learning to focus more, and in a more refined manner, on the work itself.  What it means.  What it says.  Why it matters.


We have so much.  It can get confusing!


Looking Back

Looking back, though not very far, here are a couple of images of my paintings from this year’s Kingston Artists’ Open Studios event.  If you like visiting Artists, seeing their work, and getting a chance to ask the questions you want, as well as maybe having the opportunity to buy an original piece of fine art much cheaper than you would probably be able to get it at a gallery, then an Open Studios event is just the thing for you.

Contact me via my website and ask to be placed on my mailing list and I will send you information on the Kingston Artist’s Open Studios event in 2019.  Surrey artists open their studios each year, and Kingston has a wealth of artistic talent just waiting to be explored.


kingston artists open studios jenny meehan paintings in situ

KAOS open studios jenny meehan paintings

On the left “Joy and Pain” and on the right (face on view) “Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Trinity”.

The latter painting has been licensed for use on one of the Bible Reading Fellowship’s publications, on the cover of a book by Nigel G. Wright titled “How to be a Church Minister”.  I am always very pleased when images of my paintings are licensed for use.  It’s great when they can be of practical use, and particularly, as a bit of a writer myself, I am pleased when they are employed in the service of writings relating to faith and spirituality. It’s wonderful to see my paintings used in design…As long as a licence has been issued!  Being a member of DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society) has been one of the best moves I have made.

If you want to use any of my paintings, and are looking for something specific, do contact me, because the vast majority of my work is not shown on the internet.  I really do work hard, and produce quite an array.  It’s quick and easy to purchase a licence through DACS.  My paintings have graced many book covers.


©jenny meehan

waterloo clock ©jenny meehan

Love this clock!

In 2010 the specialist clock maker Smith of Derby removed the hands and many of the internal workings of the clock so they could be re-engineered to work with the latest technology. The  clock’s historic exterior was also  cleaned and decorated as part of the project.  The clock has been a central feature of Waterloo Station since the early part of the 20th century.  The clock was made by Gents of Leicester and is believed to date back to the 1920s.  My photography now is pretty much limited to the occasional snap here and there, such as this one.  I have a huge archive of the years I spent focused primarily on photography but I tend to use it for reference mostly.


under pressure©jenny meehan

under pressure ©jenny meehan

Yes, well, we all feel like this sometimes.  An example of some early experiments with Photoshop.  The image was based on a cut out and stencil mono type  I made at West Dean one year.  We live in a society and culture which exerts an awful lot of pressure on us, in a relentless manner.  What a challenge it is to even just BE.  How do we define ourselves from the inside out, in a strong and certain manner, in the face of all the media? What masks do we adopt and what happens when they fail and we fall? What happens when our vulnerability and fragility need to be faced, our self encountered, and avoidance and repression, distraction and entertainment, fail to keep us afloat?


Jenny Meehan on

Redbubble is a great “print on demand” website and I have some of my images there.  The world is full of fabulous artists and Redbubble is a good place for buying merchandise which is original, exciting and contemporary.  The artists on Redbubble get a royalty payment from any items that you purchase there, so it is one way to support the creative community and help artists gain a little bit of income from their work.  Do take a look!

I only get a small royalty percentage, but it’s lovely to know someone has chosen something with my design/artwork on it.  It’s one of those welcome emails…And a small, but vital encouragement to me!   I don’t print very much of my own artwork anymore, as I prefer to focus on painting and poetry, but using a company like does mean if people want to buy something printed they can quickly and easily, and it doesn’t take my time up in order to produce the item.


Follow the link above to see one of my patterns.  Using the “Spring Will Come” image.  Now the patterns I make tend to be with pieces of stone and glass, as my new venture into mosaic continues.  But however they are made, there is something very satisfying about making patterns.




jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden

An early photograph of mine taken at West Dean Gardens.   I am posting up rather random images, because I have spent time looking through my archives.  Pathways of various kinds have always held my interest.  Way forward. Need to move forward.  Sense of direction.

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden

This little decking area is no more in West Dean Gardens.  They have removed it.  The pond area has changed a lot. This is such an elegant bench. I have so many photos and drawings of seats, benches, chairs…resting places.  The need to stop. Dwell. Cease moving. Contemplate.

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden

And so many photographs of plants, trees, vegetation, and all growing things!  Growth, natural form, being essentials for the eye, in appreciation of variety, vast variety, endless variety, of God’s amazing ongoing creative power and endless inspiration to be found by looking at it!

I continue my professional development in the visual arts through the short course programme at West Dean College when I can.  It works very well for me, and I find it has been far more useful to me than a fine art degree.  My degree is in Literature, and I also studied a substantial number of modules in History as part of my degree at Kingston University.

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden

Another sweet West Dean moment!  And yet another of numerous images of water.  Water.  Sea. Rivers. All things watery. I love water and rocks, and all the images I have taken, while I don’t tend to refer to them directly, feed into my consciousness and inform my paintings.  I think the years I spent taking pictures were a good training in terms of composition particularly.  I also reached the point where I had so many pictures they did not interest me so much, and this may be one of the reasons I jumped into abstraction!

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden


Lovely light.

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden

On my most recent course at West Dean College, the box needed a tidy up, but in this image the rounded shapes are very neat and tidy!


black and white landscapes jenny meehan jamartlondon photography monochrome

jenny meehan jamartlondon photography landscapes in uk ©jenny meehan west dean college time enjoying the garden

Another West Dean Gardens delight.


It’s a bit of a brief journal entry, I know. But I am so much absorbed in my work at the moment.  There’s some great relief for me at the present time in not writing so much.  Just being totally immersed in experimenting doesn’t seem to need any kind of documentary.  I am almost tempted to stop writing this journal.  I won’t do that, but it may be shorter and sharper.

Many years ago I used to enjoy the Abstract Critical website.

There were some interesting discussions… It helped me put my brain into action, and introduced me to thinking about abstraction at a time when I was still battling internally with if I should really let myself go down the abyss!

Reading what Alan Gouk had to say was exceptionally helpful to me.


Happy Christmas!

Now I must go.  As said, I think it likely that I will now continue just to post once every two months.

angel print for all saints church of england kingston upon thames angel campaign submission by jenny meehan

Angel print for All Saints church of england CofE Kingston parish church kingston upon thames angel campaign submission by jenny meehan

You can purchase a print of the above art work by me on Redbubble!

Ah yes, it is my favourite place.  West Dean College is where it all started for me in 2005 when I attended the “Sculpture with Wire”  Course tutored by David Farrer.   My sculpture “Articulation” hangs in my studio as a beautiful reminder of a kind of birth… I nearly sold it a couple of years ago, but I am quite glad I still have it for now. I may well continue working on it in the future.  That course worked as a kind of take-off pad for me I think… to suddenly have a whole week to be creative made me realise how fundamental my creativity is to my existence.  And one course turned into several more over the years, mostly involving working with metal, but two in painting.  Short but sweet.

I am playing it safe this year and attending an excellent course by John T Freeman.  I know it’s excellent because I did it a couple of years ago.  (I say “playing it safe”  because I have attended a course which just wasn’t the right kind of thing for me before, and this is a very discouraging experience.)  The painting course is only for a week,  but I just cannot wait.

Image is one taken at West Dean Gardens in the Spring.  My heart’s gone out of making photographic images right now, but I take a little time now and again to fiddle around with past images with Adobe Photoshop.   And it is a very handy skill to have as an artist.  Good for putting work up on the internet, sending it here and there, entering competitions and all that stuff.  However, I worry at times that there may be glue on the stool that I sit on in front of the computer.  You sit down, thinking you are just going to check your emails, and then look up one hour later, and realise you are still there!  So I presently work as little as I can on the computer, and as much as I can with paint.

Having said that, occasionally I am tempted to play around on screen.  Hence  “Morning River, West Dean”, which was an image originally taken in 2007.   It’s a nice little game, but I would not claim that my current photographic images are anything special in themselves.  They are an artistic product without any great craftsmanship.  Some knowledge, a limited tool in the shape of my  distinctly unprofessional camera, and the computer magic of software.  Yet there is value in it for me all the same.  But I am not a photographer, no, I am not.  The beauty of it, for me, has all drained dry.  I am pleased with what I have done in the past, and I am keen to continue some threads started in the past,  but I don’t see much future in it for me.

This type of black and white image ” Morning River, West Dean”  IS something I will continue with, and rather interestingly, it is something in the vein of which I started with. Stuck all over my “Articulation” sculpture (2005) are black and white photocopied images of the branches of a tree in my garden.   I was struck so by the patterns of the branches of different trees, by the whole system of a tree, by the relationship between the overarching pattern or design and that of each unique individual tree.  So it appears I have come full circle!

Take a look at my website and see some examples of my current art working.

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