Jenny Meehan (Jennifer Meehan)

Artist -Author – Painter – Poet

Jenny Meehan is based in East Surrey/South West London, UK.

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Jenny Meehan (Jennifer Meehan) Fine and Applied Art and Design

Are you looking to buy affordable unsigned prints, posters, framed wall art, stationery, clothing, furnishings, home decor, accessories, etc with selected art/designs I’ve made available on a print-on-demand site? A great opportunity to own something you cannot buy just anywhere? Unique, original art and design, for you, in an easy and convenient way through an online store with home delivery?

Note: Easiest way to navigate is to look at my designs in my EXPLORE section before looking in my SHOP. When you find the design you like, then follow link to SHOP.


Deaf, deaf, Hard of Hearing, Lipreaders, + Face Masks

and Matching Accessories, including Bags, Notebooks, Badges and Clothing!

Featured Collection for 2020 due to Corona Virus Pandemic are over Inclusive Designs by Jenny Meehan

Link direct to the whole collection here:



jenny meehan 2013

Jenny Meehan


Are you interested in fine art and would like to see my daily fine art orientated instagram posts, enabling you to take a quick peep into what I am currently working on, as well as some examples of previous work, exhibitions and projects, inspirations etc but in a collaged form?



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Are you a publisher, graphic designer, or someone who needs visually exciting abstract images for book covers, album covers, or other design projects and wants to be able to sort out the licensing quickly and easily?

Art image licences available via DACS.

Contact me in the first instance.

Fees negotiable. I will send you more info and explain the process if needed.

While my website gives you a brief introduction to my art working, this online artist’s journal is  a more extensive online publication of my creative project. You can  follow my activities in more detail through the “Jenny Meehan Artist’s Journal – The Artist’s Meandering Discourses – Poetry – Painting – Spirituality” on

This is one page.  Tidy and neat.  The rest is meandering.  I post normally on here once every two months.



abstract lyrical expressionist british paintings jenny meehan

abstract lyrical expressionist british paintings jenny meehan


“Simple Piece/Crossing Over” Painting by Jenny Meehan © Jenny Meehan

My website contact form is out of action so please use this form to contact me for the time being.

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