Jenny Meehan (Jennifer Meehan)
Artist -Author – Painter – Poet

I like to call myself a domestic goddess too.  But this is questionable…

Jenny Meehan is based in East Surrey/South West London, UK.


While my website gives you a brief introduction to my art working, this online artist’s journal is  a more extensive online publication of my creative project. You can  follow my activities in more detail through the “Jenny Meehan Artist’s Journal – The Artist’s Meandering Discourses – Poetry – Painting – Spirituality” on

This is one page.  Tidy and neat.  The rest is meandering.  I post normally on here once every two months.

There is a larger variety of art work published in this online Journal, so skim though and see what you find!

This Artist’s Journal  also includes “The Very Patient Knee Replacement Story” which is an autobiographical narrative I worked on during the occasion of my knee replacement surgery (TKR, right knee) in early 2017.  Patience isn’t easy, and even harder in our current time and culture.  Having a knee replacement was a great way to develop it. And now it’s great I can walk as far as I need to,  and do what I need to do in life!

abstract lyrical expressionist british paintings jenny meehan

abstract lyrical expressionist british paintings jenny meehan


“Simple Piece/Crossing Over” Painting by Jenny Meehan © Jenny Meehan

My website contact form is out of action so please use this form to contact me for the time being.

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